The Tar Pit

Monday, April 10, 2006

RealClearPolitics' John McIntyre shills for amnesty

John McIntyre of comes out for an illegal alien amnesty today:

-there needs to be some pathway to citizenship provided for the 11 million illegals here right now.

The right is going to cry amnesty at any process that puts illegals on a pathway to citizenship while still being able to live in the U.S. The left is going to balk at a real fence and shutting down the border. But liberals who say they are for enforcement and securing the border are going to have a hard time opposing the only real way to secure the border. And the only way conservatives will stomach what is effectively a 2nd amnesty is if they know a fence will go up and the illegal flow will grind to a halt.

With the President's leadership a compromise along these lines is possible.

Amnesty is the problem, not the solution. A fence won't grind the flow of illegals to a halt, it will divert the flow to other forms of entry, principally by way of overstaying a guest worker program in the hopes of yet another amnesty.

Anti-illegal alien Republicans are not about to accept another amnesty from President Bush or anyone else in the GOP. President Bush, by refusing to diligently enforce our immigration laws and instead calling for legalizing millions of illegals, has led the party to the divide across which we now find ourselves.