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Friday, January 07, 2005

Radio Blogger: "Where in the Blog is Hugh's book now?"

Over at Radio Blogger the Generalissimo is swamped with entries for the "Where in the Blog is Hugh's book now?" contest. The deal is to Photoshop the cover of Hugh Hewitt's new book, Blog into every imaginable situation. There are some awesome entries over there, 300 the last time I looked. Unfortunately, Duane has them all on one page which makes for a download of well over 100 megabytes. Here is the link , but be shore to have something else to do while waiting for the load. Very worthwhile.

My own Photoshopping skills are modest, but I had fun with my entry:

Image Hosted by
(Click for Hi Res Pic)

It's #267, so go vote for it!

Update: Well, the ten finalists are in and Galactus didn't make the cut, but the ten that did are all great. Go vote here.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Look who won Kevin McCullough's "Caption Hugh Hewitt" contest

A belated thanks to Kevin McCullough and all who participated in his CAPTION HUGH HEWITT contest. Though Kevin had urged a blogpile on Hugh, as the entries rolled in it became clear that the scene had been stolen by Hugh's producer, the one and only Generalissimo Duane of Radio Blogger, Well, the scene wasn't exactly stolen by Duane, but by one of his accessories:

The top vote getting caption was:
"Kevin, I appreciate the photo-op, but please get your hand off my wallet."
~ Eric/
Evangelical Underground 

The blog that Eric operates is a very good compliment that you should add to your reading - particularly if you are of evangelical persuasion.

Congrats Eric. Your book will be coming soon.

The favorite caption as determined by the judges was:
"BUY BLOG or Duane wears this tie again."
~Sabertooth/Los Angeles, California

Silly me, I'm such a novice I forgot to self-promote my blog.

Thanks Judges!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"The Guide for the Mexican Migrant" - Pro Illegal Alien Comic Book

Here's the cover for the notorious comic book issued by the Mexican government to prepare and encourage their citizens to become illegal aliens and violate American immigration law:

According to Reuters, the guide "informs migrants of their rights to medical and consular attention if they are detained by U.S. officials."

A nod to Jackelope Breeder for making this known.

Direct links to all the pages here:

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12

Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Along the Mexican side of the border, agents of Grupos Beta, the humanitarian arm of Mexico's National Migration Institute, flag down dozens of vehicles each day crammed with migrants bound for drop-off points to illegal footpaths into the United States. The agents lecture the occupants to carry enough water to get through several days in the desert, to wear protective clothing against the sun, to look for help if they feel tired and cannot continue, and to be aware of their legal options if stopped by the Border Patrol.
Mexico's Border-Crossing Tips Anger Some in U.S.
L.A. Times | January 4, 2005 | Solomon Moore

Meanwhile, newly sworn-in six term Congressman J.D. Hayworth is less than amused:

"The booklet is essentially a 'how to' guide for illegal entry into the U.S. that provides recommendations for illegal aliens in evading detection of federal authorities once in the U.S. Not once does the guide mention how a Mexican migrant can come the U.S. legally!" Hayworth said in the letter.

Hayworth pointed out that the U.S. welcomes over 1 million legal permanent residents each year, 20 percent of those from Mexico, an amount three times greater than any other country. He also noted that the 1986 amnesty conferred green cards on 2.8 million illegal aliens, about 2.5 million of whom were Mexican, which represents about 12 years worth of Mexico's current annual immigration quota.
Hayworth Condemns Mexican Government Sponsorship of Illegal Immigration
January 04, 2005

No response yet from President Bush to Mexico's encouragement of illegal aliens, though, as the President has made clear, he thinks illegals are the ones who are worth their salt.

Bush to Illegal Aliens: "You're going to come here if you're worth your salt"

The Bush Administration has apparently been caught off guard by the Mexican government's recent release of a comic book guide for illegal aliens that explained how to successfully break American immigration law.

While the outrage that officials of a North American government would encourage illegal aliens is understandable, the sense of surprise is not.

Three months ago, in the Third Presidential Debate of the 2004 campaign, President George W. Bush made this startling comment about illegal aliens in response to a question by Bob Schieffer:

Many people are coming to this country for economic reasons. They're coming here to work. If you can make 50 cents in the heart of Mexico, for example, or make $5 here in America, $5.15, you're going to come here if you're worth your salt, if you want to put food on the table for your families. And that's what's happening.

That's mighty high praise for foreign nationals salty enough to break a number of America's immigration laws against entry, employment, and often document fraud. A wag at Rolling Stone wrote: "It wouldn't be a Bush debate without a couple of Bushisms." Of course, as he explained in the debate, the President's plans to legalize millions of illegal aliens are for America's own good:

And so in order to take pressure off the borders, in order to make the borders more secure, I believe there ought to be a temporary worker card that allows a willing worker and a willing employer to mate up, so long as there's not an American willing to do that job, to join up in order to be able to fulfill the employers' needs.

"Allows a willing worker and a willing employer to mate up?"

Well, it's not as though this is a new meme with the President:

"I do believe, though, that when we find willing employer and willing employee, we ought to match the two."
President Bush - July 26, 2001

"I propose a new temporary worker program that will match willing foreign workers with willing American employers, when no Americans can be found to fill the jobs."
President Bush - January 7, 2004

"So I proposed reforms that will match willing foreign workers with willing American employers when no Americans can be found to fill the jobs."
President Bush - July 8, 2004

The President is using the same rhetoric after September 11th that he was using before the terrorist attack that took over 3,000 American lives. At least seven of those terrorists, by the way, were aided by illegal aliens and illegal-friendly laws in obtaining the identification they used to board the doomed airplanes the jihadists turned into weapons of mass terror.

This raises the question, "which willing workers and willing employers?"

Fortunately the President has consistently supplied the answer:

"I have constantly said that we need to have a immigration policy that helps match any willing employer with any willing employee."
President Bush - December 15, 2003

You read the President correctly: "match any willing employer with any willing employee."

After the President's final meeting with Senator Kerry, James Pinkerton wrote: "Take note, blue-collar America: Part of Bush's vision for the future of the labor force is an endless supply of newcomers delighted to make the minimum wage. "

To remove all possible doubt that the President was talking about illegal aliens in the saltworthy segment of the debate, he continued:

That has the benefit of making sure our employers aren't breaking the law as they try to fill their workforce needs. It makes sure that the people coming across the border are humanely treated, that they're not kept in the shadows of our society, that they're able to go back and forth to see their families. See, the card, it'll have a period of time attached to it.

Steve Sailer observed: "Presumably, Mexicans who don't violate our immigration laws aren't worth their salt in the President's eyes."

Among the things President Bush believes an illegal alien's salt is worth is American citizenship:

I don't think we ought to reward illegal behavior. There are plenty of people standing in line to become a citizen. And we ought not to crowd these people ahead of them in line.

If they want to become a citizen, they can stand in line, too.

To say that illegals won't be rewarded but can get citizenship, the President has to speak out of both sides of his mouth, then in one of Hugh Hewitt's ears, and out the other.

Unless President Bush believes that American citizenship is worthless, then it is more than a reward, it is the Holy Grail for illegal aliens who have broken American immigration laws.

Illegal Alien drivers licenses on a collision course with Bush Amnesty?

House Rules Chairman David Dreier (R-CA) and Judiciary Chair man James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) had better waste no time in introducing legislation this session to prevent States that issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens from having those licenses accepted for federal identification purposes.

DES MOINES (AP) -- A southeast Iowa lawyer has appealed a judge's decision to dismiss a lawsuit that asked the state to give driver's licenses to a Mexican couple who are in the country illegally.

The Mexican couple in their 30s with three children work in Des Moines, where they have lived for the past five years.

Attorney Curt Daniels said the couple received $1,000 in traffic tickets in one weekend. He claimed they were singled out because they are undocumented immigrants.

Daniels wants the state to allow them to apply for licenses.

"Their situation is just outrageous," he said. "There are thousands and thousands of them in Iowa alone."

Lawsuit seeks right to drive for illegal aliens
Associated Press | January 3, 2005

Similar legislation was removed from last month's intelligence bill, apparently at the insistence of Senators Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) and Susan Collins (R-ME).

It's unclear where President Bush stands on the issue, as he has been silent as State after State has knowingly issued drivers licenses to career violators of American immigration law. After the intelligence bill was passed, Collins indicated that Bush may also have opposed some of the Sensenbrenner provisions regarding illegal alien drivers licenses.

"I think there is considerable support for overhauling our immigration laws and taking a look at the driver's license issue, as well as other issues raised by Congressman Sensenbrenner," Sen. Susan Collins, Maine Republican, said yesterday. "But the fact is that those provisions, which were highly controversial and several of them were opposed by the administration, would have been poison pills for this bill."

Even as Mexico began issuing their controversial matricula consular identification cards two years ago to facilitate the illegals' transfer of illegal wages out of country, the Bush Treasury Department issued guidelines for bank acceptance of the matricula cards without protest from the President.

While the Bush Treasury Department was finalizing their abetting of immigration law violations, tough as taffy DHS Secretary Tom Ridge declared the matricula cards posed a significant risk of fraud.

I warned at the time that Ridge was Trojan Horse for an illegal alien amnesty, as a security matter. Sure enough, three months later Taffy Tom was the President's unofficial Bush Amnesty trial balloonist.

The firestorm of protest from concerned citizens was so great that amnesty and illegal aliens intruded on the smiles at the President's press conference announcing the capture of Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein.

In response to a question the President reiterated his meaningless platitude, that his "administration is firmly against blanket amnesty."

The sentiment is meaningless because there has never been a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens in the nation's History. Neither the Reagan Amnesty nor any of the three Clinton Amnesties were blanket, and no national politician, not even John Kerry, has ever proposed a "blanket amnesty. "

The President's manipulative oratory notwithstanding, he's about to try to legalize more illegal aliens through his "guest worker" amnesty than were legalized in the Reagan (about 3 million) and Clinton (1 million) Amnesties combined.