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Friday, November 18, 2005

Woodwardgate: cuckolded Downie stands by his man

Marc Cooper has a hilarious deconstruction of Chris Matthews' interview with Bob Woodward's journalistically cuckolded WaPo editor Len Downie.

Here's a sample from Translating The Woodward Tapes:

DOWNIE:  Chris, at the time that this conversation took place back in June of 2003, Bob was conducting a series of interviews with this and other sources for his book, “Plan of Attack.” …And this came up as a small business of banter within a much longer interview about other things. Later on, when the leaks investigation began… he became concerned about protecting that source and also concerned about whether or not he, himself, might be subpoenaed in that investigation.  And that‘s why he didn‘t tell me at that time.  I‘ve told him, however, that those were not sufficient reasons to not bring me into his confidence. But he should have told me about it and that‘s why he has apologized today. 

TRANSLATION: Not wanting to be overshadowed by the New York Times, we granted Woodward the same run-amok unaccountability that Judy Miller enjoyed. Woodward pissed all over us. We enjoyed that too.

Is there a national hotline for battered editor syndrome?

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