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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Open Tar Pit TrackBack #1

For something a little different, I thought I'd try my hand at one of these Open TrackBack posts. Welcome to Open Tar Pit TrackBack #1!

Today it's anything goes, though I'm thinking that down the road I might try to do posts that are more thematic.

I've installed the Open TrackBack Provider Blogroll in my right sidebar, and used my own graphic header for it, to keep conisistent with the look of The Tar Pit. The Blogroll is otherwise the same, so hopefully there won't be any objections.

Taking a look around at Open TrackBacks this morning:

Don Surber checks in with Dean's Dot.Com Bust & Open Post

Wizbang has Carnival of the Trackbacks XXXVII

It's Open Trackbacks: Saturday at The Political Teen.

Stop the ACLU is having a Weekend Trackback Party

Stuck on Stupid is having a Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Weekend Linkfest for Mary Mapes fans.

The Uncooperative Blogger ® is having a Weekend Open Trackback Party!

Choose Life is having a Holiday Weekend Open Post

BIG DOG's WEBLOG is celebrating Weekend Trackback Party V

Basil's Blog has been running All Day Open TrackBacks 11/11/2005 all day, and it's already tomorrow.

Random Numbers checks in with the mysteriously named Random Open Weekend Trackbacks.

You don't have to be running an open trackback thread to link back here, anything goes so long as it's not vulgar or prurient, and doesn't fall outside the broad conservative spectrum.

TrackBack updates:

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