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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jordanians outraged at being treated like Jews

Dennis Prager writes that Jordanians are shocked -- shocked! -- that a wedding would be blown up. The money quote:

Now there is widespread condemnation of Zarqawi's terror in Jordan. There is even a fear that the name of Islam will suffer. Unfortunately, however, it is only because Zarqawi was foolish enough to massacre Jordanian civilians, and not confine his massacres to Iraqis and non-Arabs. What has aroused Arab voices against Zarqawi has nothing to do with the immorality of blowing up people celebrating at a wedding -- it has to do with the immorality of blowing up Muslims celebrating at a wedding.

Perhaps what bothers much of the pan-Arabic world about the Amman bombings is that the solution to the atrocity isn't so obviously that "Israel should show restraint and give up more land," as it seems to be when Muslim Arabs blow up Jews or Christians.

The irony is that, in attacking Jordan, Zarqawi has finally gotten around to targeting the true occupiers of the "Palestinian" homeland, the Hashemites, who less than a century ago ruled Mecca and the Hijaz in the Arabian Peninsula, before the rise of the House of Saud.

Last week Zarqawi boasted the Jordanian hotels were bombed because "they were bases used to fight Islam and support the Crusader presence in Mesopotamia and the Arabian Peninsula --- as well as the Jewish presence in Palestine."

Jordanians who applauded Hamas or Hezbollah but now denounce Zarqawi are only angry because their lives mean as little to him as a Jew's does to them.

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