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Monday, November 14, 2005

Jailed Egyptian blogger's anti-Islamic post - English translation

Curt at the Committee to Protect Bloggers has a translation of the internet post that landed Egyptian blogger Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman in jail. The post was written October 22nd, after Muslim riots in Alexandria led to a crowd of thousands surrounding a Coptic church, death threats against the Coptic Pope, and the stabbing of a nun. As Curt notes, Abdolkarim comes from a Muslim family, but his ferocious criticism of Islam will leave fans of President Bush's "Islam means peace" routine a little less than satisfied:

Yesterday, Muslims took off the mask and revealed their real grim face, and showed the world they are the ultimate of barbarism, brutality, thievery, and in-humaneness. The incidents I witnessed yesterday revealed to me more of the facts they were camouflaging throughout the ages, claiming tolerance and being peaceful. However, their true face is that of barbarism, thievery, blind intolerance, hateful sectarianism, not accepting the Other, and trying to dim their identity, and push them out of existence.

Some may think that what these Muslims did is not related to Islam nor to Mohammad's teaching fourteen centuries ago. The self-explaining truth, however, is that their actions did not stray one inch of the Islamic teachings in its original form: urging to negating, hating, killing, robbing, and raping the Other, in addition to other things those trying to fool us by their false defense of extremist Islamic teaching are very aware of, except they are evading these facts and prefer to live in an untrue world.

With my own eyes I have seen those riff-raff breaking into the shops of our Christian brothers after all Moharram Bek went out of government control. I saw them screaming "Allah Akbar [God is Greater]" and other extremist Islamic shouts while trashing the shops right and left. I saw them stealing the cash registers, and dividing the money amongst themselves, now their own after the so-called infidels Cross-worshipers owned it!

I saw them breaking into a liquor shop owned by Labib Lotfi, a Christian, and saw them breaking everything at the reach of their filthy dirty hands: coolers, scales, boxes and bottles of drinks, and saw some of them stealing a few bottle to drink after a hard day's Jihad against the Christian infidels! It is worth mentioning that, while some may think this shop was attacked because it sells alcohol (forbidden in Islam), there is another liquor shop across the street owned by a Muslim merchant. No one dared to attack it... Do you realize now the hateful sectarian feelings??!!

The very rude, criminal, and ugly behavior of Muslims yesterday proves beyond doubt they have become a burden on humanity. They existence within the human society shakes it and threatens its unity. A Muslim does not accept the Other, their right in existence, in life, nor their right to freedom of expression. He also looks down on them and regards them at a lower status, that they need be fought and amputated. Should such a horrible deformed creature be left to ruin the Earth? To kill, destroy, steal, and burn??!!

Mohammad's teaching of fourteen centuries ago must be faced in all courage. We must show its truth for people to see. We must warn humanity of its danger. We must (regardless of our identities and faiths) look into these teachings that change men into beasts that understand nothing but the language of killing, stealing, raping women, and taking them as slaves. We must stand in all courage against these teachings that resulted nothing but the likes of Ben Laden, Zarqawi, Zawahri, and the riff-raff mobs who assaulted our Christian brothers, burned their homes, robbed their things, and tried to assault their church and kill their priests. We must take off our sectarian and religious cloaks and start looking at things in a more humane way. We must try all the idols of extremist and terrorism whose name and deeds are kept in Islamic history, starting from Mohammad and his Companions: Khalid Ibn alWaleed, Omar Ibn alKhattab, Saad Ibn AbiWaqqas, AlMoghiera Ibn Shoba, Samra Ibn Jandab, and the kings of the houses of Omayya, Abbas, and Ottoman, up to the Muslim criminals of the modern age, now more famous than movie stars and singers! We must show the world the truth of these criminals who became, unfortunately, idols for many of our youth, children and women. We must expose them and their fake teachings. We must show the world they are a danger that needs to be uprooted.

Before trying those responsible for the Black Friday incidents in Moharram Bek, you ought try the dirty teachings that pushed them to steal and rob. Try Islam and give it and its icons a symbolic death sentence, so you make sure yesterday's incidents are not happening again. As long as Islam is on this Earth, all your attempts to end wars and conflicts will fail. The dirty fingers of Islam, as you have known them, is behind every disaster that happens to humanity!

Abdolkarim Nabil Suleiman
Alexandria, Egypt

If Muslims continue to stab Egyptian nuns or behead Indonesian schoolgirls or bring down buildings in America or blow up buses full of Jews in Israel or slaughter schoolchildren in Beslan or run riot in France night after night, what are we to conclude? That Islamic reform is a perfect certainty? That Islamic reform is even within the realm of possibility?

If Islam is to reform then voices like Abdolkarim's must be heard, not imprisoned. If Islam is to reform then the voices that urge us to look for reform must be heard to call for the release of Abdolkarim. If those who say it is bigoted to question Islam's capacity for reform cannot be bothered with the fate of a dissident blogger in the Islamic world, then what is the fruit of their tolerance?

Islam needs this debate. If Muslims are imprisoned for criticizing Islam, what are non-Muslims to make of it all?

Here is a man from a Muslim family who is calling for a death sentence for Islam. He cites the words and deeds of Mohammed as leading inevitably to every atrocity we see committed in Islam's name. So he was imprisoned by the Egyptian government. We're told by tyrants and autocrats in the Middle East and by politicians in the West that Islam is a great and peaceful religion that has been "hijacked by extremists." How can this be, if Mohammed was as ruthless and warlike as today's so-called "extremists?" Was he not?

There are certainly good-hearted Muslims in the world, and many are trying to see to Abdolkarim's release even though they disagree with his writings. I have a few questions for them:

Should a Muslim be able to preach the Koran in Los Angeles? In London? In the Vatican City? If so, should a Christian be able to preach the Gospel in East Jerusalem? In Medina?

Should a Christian be able to preach the Gospel in Mecca? Or am I a Crusader for asking?

In the West we understand that the evidence of the Christian Reformation is the capacity of predominantly Christian societies to tolerate religious minorities. If the Gospel shouldn't be preached in Mecca, then what exactly would be meant by Islamic reform?


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