The Tar Pit

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Linksgiving!

Well, the link scrooges are out and about, preaching the gospel that miserliness is next to Godliness. The theory seems to be that links given by the generous should be devalued, and that the most precious of links are given only by the stingy. Imagine a blogospheric barometer that creates incentive not to link very often, and most days you've got an incentive not to link at all. This is blogging "the old fashioined way" I've read. Well, I guess.

I guess I should feel cheap and dirty if someone gives me a link that came too easy in the judgement of the scolds from the Junior Bluenose Blogging League . "Link slut," they whisper. "Link whore" they cluck. The tawdry shame of it all.

It's history repeating itself all over again. Remember when Mozart was scolded for blogging with "too many links?" The Beatles blogged back, "the links you take are equal to the links you make. In the Bible we find Parable of the Links. It's all so disconcerting.

Today I'm just gonna be a link slut. No trackbacks, just Happy Linksgiving wishes to some blogs I feel like linking to

For a link and a quote in her sidebar, Happy Linksgiving to Alabama Improper

For a blogroll link, Happy Linksgiving to oejrants

For a blogroll link on the "Right Side of the Mountain," Happy Linksgiving to Random Yak, who's running a RANDOM CARNIVAL #1. Take this post and link it....

Happy Linksgiving to Stuck on Stupid, which is changing names, sort of, to Pajamas Media / Stuck On Stupid Blog. Since I'm stuck on stupid myself, I'm thanking them for the link.

Happy Linksgiving for a blogroll link from
SNN - The Putz Review -

Happy Linksgiving for thoughtful comments on the open track back discussion to:
Iowa Voice
Independent Conservative
Committees of Correspondence
Decision '08
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Jeremiah Stoddard
The Nightfly
The Strata-Sphere
Anechoic Room
Crazy Politico's Rantings

Happy Linksgiving to a few Link Scrooges:
The Politburo Diktat
Ambient Irony
Fistful of Fortnights
Don Singleton
Peter Porcupine
Common Sense Political Thought
Atlas Shrugs
Down with Absolutes!
The Real Ugly American

I know, I know, the stink of my link won't wash away. Perhaps you can ask to disown my links.

Finally, Happy Linksgiving to a few blogs celebrating Thanksgiving today:

Cao's Blog
Euphoric Reality
Point Five
The Political Teen
Basil's Blog
Jo's Cafe
bRight & Early
Choose Life
Stop the ACLU
TMH's Bacon Bits
California Conservative
Stuck on Stupid
Adam's Blog
Don Surber
Samantha Burns
Peakah's Provocations
Myopic Zeal
third world county
Outside the Beltway
The Business of America is Business!
The Florida Masochist
Holly Aho
Common Folk using Common Sense
The Truth Laid Bear

And a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone else in the blogosphere!