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Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Open Tar Pit #4

A round up of some current Open TrakBak posts today:

Cao's Blog
Euphoric Reality
Point Five
The Political Teen
Basil's Blog
Jo's Cafe
bRight & Early
Choose Life
Stop the ACLU
TMH's Bacon Bits
California Conservative
Stuck on Stupid
Adam's Blog
Don Surber
The Conservative Cat
Samantha Burns
Peakah's Provocations
Random Yak
third world county
Myopic Zeal
Outside the Beltway

And welcome to The Business of America is Business!

This thread is open post. I'll update the earlier threads shortly, and then shut them down.

Have fun!

Checking in...

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third world county:
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Stuck On Stupid:
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Choose Life:
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Peakah's Provocations...
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The Pink Flamingo Bar Grill:
Pre War Open Source Intelligence Regarding Saddam'

Anechoic Room:
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Independent Sources:
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West Virginians for a Republican Majority:
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Stuck On Stupid:
Whining Democrats: Put Up Or Shut Up!

Stuck On Stupid:
Raise Us $3,100.00

Peakah's Provocations...
Prince Charles- The Master of the Obvious

EveningStar's Non-Blog:
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Stuck On Stupid:
Michelle Hits Back

Stuck On Stupid:
The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

The Right Nation:
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