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Friday, November 04, 2005

French Muslim riots roil the Blogosphere

A semi-random round-up of blogosphere coverage of the Muslim riots in Paris...


Once upon a time Beirut was called the Paris of the Middle East.

Now Paris is Beirut on the Seine.

Get Religion:

The religion ghosts are clashing, on both sides, but journalists hesitate to name or explain them. Has anyone out there seen a MSM story that really explains, for the average reader, the Sunni vs. Shiite vs. Kurd divisions in Iraq? Were reporters supposed to have explained that in each and every 700-word wire service report about the new Iraqi constitution?

Do we have too name the ghosts over and over? So a Palestinian bomber blows himself up at a sandwich stand in Israel and people are killed and injured. Was it just any old sandwich stand? Does the story have to tell us that it was a sandwich stand that is popular with Jews? Do we need to know the religious make-up of every victim list? Or have we reached the point where we are supposed to simply assume that we know?

Captain Ed:

Over the postwar years, France has locked its immigrants into enclaves and discouraged the immersion of one culture into the other. It built ready-made slums for their guest workers and made sure that their own insular Frenchness could not be penetrated by the people who helped to rebuild their country. The initial wave of workers did not mind the apartheid so much; it still gave them a large improvement in their standard of living, and allowed them to continue their own traditions. The second and third generations expect more, however, and the sense of the economic and social trap that the French created feeds their radicalism, and their turn towards Islamism as an answer.

The Conjecturer:

Europe's angry Muslims enter the picture of domestic politics on a depressingly regular basis, and the inability of previously homo-ethnic European socieites to absorb such a huge influx of brown-skinned non-Christians is slowly bringing the continent to collapse.


Because of the decades (centuries?) of socialistic attitudes in France, the employment situation "ain't that great" for white citizens of France. In many cases, these immigrants gave up whatever they had in their home country to move and in the self-segregated enclaves, there are few job opportunities, rather just an ongoing atmosphere of self-defeat. Gee, that sounds like the UN set-up Palestinian refugee camps.

Hugh Hewitt:

There is a light rain in Paris at this hour, but the forecast is clear for the rest of the afternoon and evening, as Paris braces for a weekend of rioting.

Depending on what you read, 160 cars, 400 cars, or more than 500 cars were burned last night, along with shootings and other arsons. Some details from the BBC:

Too Right:

The schadenfreude is almost palpable and certainly exquisite. Race Riots across France on the watch of (presided over?) the US's would be tormenters De Villepin and Chirac. Makes New Orléans' so called race troubles a mere bagatelle.

Tales of the Stupid:

It appears we may have jumped the gun when we called French riot police and government officials incompetent cowards with tiny balls, or something similar. The Parisian riots, now in their 8th day, seem to be a customary état de fait. Thankfully, Agence France Presse was prompt to correct our ignorance:

Small-scale suburban violence is a regular but unreported fact of life in many poor areas on the outskirts of major French cities. According to the police intelligence service, a total of 28,000 cars were burned across the country this year -- even before the latest outbreak.

So last night's 500 burnt cars (we cant' mention the shops and businesses torched down, that would make everyone with a position of authority in France seem powerless) basically represent five and half days worth of normal suburban French life.

Mark in Mexico:

While we await the inevitable surrender by the French government as well a plea for another Anglo-Saxon rescue, we'll ponder the "European lifestyle" so popular with Krugman and others who don't actually, you know, have to live there.

Finally, after all these years, Adolph gets an affirmative answer to his famous question, "Is Paris burning?"

Big Lizards:

According to the Brussels Journal, the French police are quite simply unequipped to enforce lawn order in Paris, or any other cities where areas have become de facto part of the ummah. This is evidently true not only in France but the rest of Europe, even including Great Britain: the typically unarmed and overawed police cannot make arrests, and the terrified firefighters cannot fight arson fires with the arsonists shooting at them.

The Dread Pundit Bluto:

Though usually referred to as "youths" and "immigrants" in the mainstream press, it appears that the rioters are mostly Muslims. That alone should raise some hackles and prompt Sarkozy to want to find out "why" as well as "by whom and how". Especially since there are riots happening simultaneously in Denmark (though very few English-language reports are available).

La Shawn Barber:

A growing problem in the West is not only our insane, suicidal embrace of "multiculturalism," but an inability to recognize that Islam is an enemy intent on destroying freedom wherever it exists. Those Muslim rioters in Paris, angry about being unemployed or whatever their excuse, need to be crushed.

Instead, authorities are apologizing for throwing tear gas into a mosque. They're smoking crack, right? If rioting thugs are hiding in mosques, why wouldn't you try to tear-gas them out? This is similar to the Guantanamo Bay Koran-flushing and don't-touch-the-temple memes that floated around.

The Colossus:

The French make no effort to police the Muslim ghettoes; the "suburbs" to which these stories euphemistically refer are actually tenement houses and concrete apartment blocks. Police do not enter these neighborhoods without SWAT teams and riot gear. Outsiders are not welcome. In other words, these are islands of the Islamic world imported into France.

But the French will not speak of this openly. Hypocrisy is, after all, a French birthright. And the BBC will abet this lunacy by not mentioning the problems of race and religion -- for to admit their existence is to abandon one of the supposed superiorities of Europe to America. The brilliant Europeans have given themselves the worst possible situation -- a large immigrant population which has no ties to the state that feeds them -- and claims this is some sort of model for living in peace with Islam. And all of the problems of the policy can be ignored as long as we do not mention the race or religion of those involved in the riots.

Big round up from Michelle Malkin: