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Monday, November 07, 2005

France arrests three bloggers for riot incitement

Article in French here.

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Three arrests for incentive to the émeute on "blog"

PARIS (Reuters) - A minor and two young major suspected ones to have launched on internet of the calls to the émeute and to the aggression against policemen were stopped Monday to Aix-in-Provence and in parisian region, learns one of judicial source.

The three "blogs" used, sites internets personal, were accommodated on the site of the radio Skyrock, that deactivated them during during the weekend.

"The sites incited to participate in the general movements of urban violences and to attack policemen and commissionerships", declared to Reuters a magistrate of the Paris floor.

The floor had to decide in the day of the eventual opening of a judicial inquiry, an investigation being judged necessary to determine the eventual ones attach politics of the suspicious ones and know if their gait proceeds or no of an organized business.

The suspicious ones will incur until five years of prison if the sensed qualification for the facts, "incentive to commit aggressions against persons", is kept.