The Tar Pit

Friday, November 11, 2005

Eleventh Hour

While unknown soldiers battled for their friends,
As unknown sailors sortied for their mates,
And unknown airmen fell to certain ends,
A thoughtless freedom's granted for their fates.

For those of us enjoying life's sweet clime:
Each instant's bought with sweat, and tears, and blood
Of unknown men who dared forsake their time,
Whose fields were young, whose death came like a flood.

The heavens shower; each life will yield this rung,
As leaves depart some bare November bough.
Eleventh hour has chimed, and bells have rung;
Our hearts are sprung, and we remember now.

Today our thoughts return to unknown men
And debts we owe to each surviving friend.

Happy Armistice Day. Happy Remembrance Day. Happy Veterans Day.

To each and every veteran, I thank you for your service.

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