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Monday, November 21, 2005

Don Surber's hostile takeover of Open Source Media

Don Surber posts a good rant today, OSM=MSM -- WTF?, which catalogues a series of gripes against the new OSM "Open Source Media" megablog. Everything has its growing pains, but Surber struck quickly, using a stealth method of taking over the whole darned enterprise.

Take a look at #21, Open Source Media, in the current TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem:

Higher Beings (4168) details
2.Michelle Malkin (4001) details
3.Daily Kos: State of the Nation (3161) details
4.Stop The ACLU (3100) details
5.Power Line (2953) details
6.lgf: do not trust the shover robot (2423) details
7.Captain's Quarters (2419) details
8.Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things (2338) details
9.Hugh Hewitt (2032) details
10.Mudville Gazette (1950) details

Mortal Humans
11.Eschaton (1944) details
12.The Volokh Conspiracy - - (1878) details
13.DRUDGE REPORT 2005® (1808) details
14.Wizbang (1777) details (1768) details
16.The Washington Monthly (1657) details
17.Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall (1650) details
18.Day by Day (1623) details
19.The Huffington Post (1610) details
20.Spread Firefox | Igniting the web (1564) details
21.Open Source Media (1561) details
22.Le Sabot Post-Moderne (1522) details
23.RealClearPolitics (1492) details
24.La Shawn Barber’s Corner (1471) details
25.The Political Teen (1433) details
26.the evangelical outpost -- Culture, politics, and religion from an evangelical worldview. (1418) details
27.Making Light (1972) details - Daily Dish (1403) details
29.BLACKFIVE (1340) details
30.Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views) (1298) details

Now how did Open Source Media climb so high so fast. Click on the link, and you'll get the answer: 21.Open Source Media (1561) details goes back to!

Look at Surber's TTLB details. The Page says "Open Source Media," as does the header at

There's a new sherrif in pajama town!

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