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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Chertoff on legalizing illegals

According to today's El Paso Times:

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Tuesday that securing the border is a big challenge for the government.

"We are not in control," said Chertoff, who capped a tour of the El Paso border region with a nighttime news conference at Tom Lea Park in West El Paso.

Chertoff also said immigration policy should incorporate undocumented immigrants who contribute to the U.S. economy "into a system that is legal and regulated," so law enforcement can focus more on known security threats.

It's not a complete quote, but it has the gist of the "let's legalize illegals to get out of the problem caused by legalizing illegals in 1986" approach we've come to expect from the Bush Administration.

Hat tip: Stein Report

Alicia Caldwell of the APseems to confirm:

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff said Tuesday following an evening tour of the Mexico-U.S. border that solutions to illegal immigration problems won't come easily.

"It's not going to be solved in a day, or a week, or a month," Chertoff said at an El Paso park overlooking the city and neighboring Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. "It's been building for a long time."

Following his first nighttime tour of the border in El Paso, the Homeland Security secretary said a host of solutions, including temporary work programs, should and will be looked at in trying to solve a problem that he said has gotten out of control.