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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Al Qaeda homicide bombers hit Hashemite Jordan

Fox News is reporting that three hotels in Amman Jordan were attacked by homicide bombers.

AMMAN, Jordan - Three explosions hit hotels in Jordan's capital Wednesday night, killing at least 18 people and wounding 120 others in an apparent coordinated terrorist attack, police said.

Citing a security source, Reuters reported that at least 23 people were killed.

Jordanian police say the three hotel blasts in Amman were believed to be carried out by homicide bombers, according to the Associated Press. The explosions indicated the involvement of Al Qaeda, which has launched coordinated attacks on high-profile, Western targets in the past, a police official said

Arutz Sheva.

An organization associated with the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization published on an internet site that it was behind the attacks.

Michelle Malkin has more early reports.

First reports from Jordan's Al Bawabwa and Qatar's Al Jazeera.

ITN News:

Initial reports said the Radisson blast was caused by a bomb placed in a false ceiling. There was no word on the cause of the Hyatt blast.

Witnesses said the structure of the Radisson hotel was intact, but there had been extensive damage to ceilings.

The explosion ripped through a banqueting room where about 250 people were attending a wedding reception.

The explosion at the nine-storey Hyatt appeared to have struck the lobby.

The Radisson is known to be popular with Israeli tourists, but there was no confirmation of the nationality of any of the dead or wounded. Witnesses said many Western tourists were staying there.

Early blog round-up...


Reporters considered that Amman is the "last bastion of safety" when traveling throughout the region. The Hyatt in particular, a glass and marble base of beauty and safety has not needed heavy security thus far. This attack took everyone by surprise.

The bombs did go off at the same time and according to witnesses in the Radisson, the one set off there was set off in a "false ceiling"

A Blog For All:

Who would do something like this? Militant Quakers? Nope. Michelle Malkin and Jeff Goldberg both think that it's Zarqawi's al Qaeda minions. Not a big stretch there. I think they're correct. This multiple bombing in Zarqawi's backyard has al Qaeda's bloody fingerprints all over it.

The Coalition of the Swilling:

King Abdullah is on his way to the U.S. for meetings. Jordanian news service Petra saying it was suicide bombers.

They are saying that Jordan was the place you thought you could let your guard down.

Blog updates:

The Counterterrorism Blog:

Al-Zarqawi the primary suspect; a native Jordanian and already sentenced to death in absentia there - police already detaining possible suspects.

Dread Pundit Bluto:

Meanwhile, our alleged representatives in Congress bicker over partisan differences while the mainstream media struggle to find new euphemisms and synonymns to conceal the fact that the French riots are an Islamic terrorist insurrection - and make sure that no words are written or spoken in English about the Islamic riots in Denmark.

Stop the ACLU:

And Jordan is an enemy of Islam because of what again?

I know it is early to hand over blame to a radical islamic group for these bombings, but I am just going on experience and gut instinct here..although I suppose it could be the IRA.

Protein Wisdom:

Not to make too obvious a connection, but Zarqawi is, of course, Jordanian.  And the simultaneous nature of the blasts suggests Al Qaeda involvement.

On a related note, these hotels are all popular with both foreign journalists, security professionals, wealthy Jordanian businessmen, and Israelis.  Not that any of that matters to Al Qaeda.  They'll slaughter anyone.