The Tar Pit

Friday, February 11, 2005

Mexico repudiates U.S. bill to protect border

Greetings from our good friends, the Mexican government:

The Mexican government believes that the effort of the U.S.A., to strengthen its southern border through H.R 418 by building fences/walls and limiting the use of driver's licenses for immigrants, will not resolve the immigration problem nor guarantee a secure border for both nations.

Geronimo Gutierrez, Undersecretary for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, stated Mexico's position regarding the impending approval of the bill that is being discussed in the U.S. House of Representatives. Expectations are for it to be sent to the U.S. Senate on Thursday

Gutierrez is a punk. HR 418 doesn't put any greater burden on legal foreign nationals in America than Mexico puts on those South of the border.

Once approved, according to Gutierrez the measure would go into effect in 2008. From then on federal agencies would not be able to accept state issued licenses or identification cards that do not meet the requirements established by the controversial bill. 

This would have negative implications for Mexicans, insofar as 11 states issue driver's licenses to migrants who possess matricula consular ID cards issued by Mexican consulates, ID cards that would not be acceptable if they do not meet the federal criteria.

Inconveniencing illegal aliens and terrorists is sorta the point.

Gutierrez emphasized that the Mexican government has insisted that establishment of new mechanisms for legal, safe and orderly immigration between Mexico and the U.S. guarantees the security of both countries. As such, the Mexican government believes it is indispensable for binational efforts to be intensified in order to establish these mechanisms that will allow migration with the described characteristics, he added.

Anyone want to guess how Mexican security is enhanced by exporting illegal aliens to the United States?

This bill, upon going into effect, will not affect the use of matricula consular ID cards with respect to access to the financial system and their acceptance by state officials where they have been authorized.

The matricula consular cards are next. The Bush Treasury Department and Congress allowed Mexico to create a second form of identification so that illegal aliens and anyone else with illicit incomes could launder and transfer funds across the border. This needs to be corrected.

What needs to happen is that banks that accept matricula cards should lose their FDIC coverage. The illegal alien life in America needs to be made very inconvenient, to encourage their self-deportation.