The Tar Pit

Monday, February 14, 2005

How not to oppose Amnesty for illegals

In today's Intellectual Conservative, W. James Antle III writes:

According to a Washington Post report last week, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay distanced himself slightly from the president on immigration reform. DeLay's proposal wasn't much better. He would offer illegal aliens guest-worker status, but only if they go home first. It doesn't benefit lawbreakers as much as Bush's version, but many current illegals would probably still see their status regularized after a visit back home and overall it would increase immigration. In the New York Times account, the Republican leader suggests it as a possible modification of the White House proposal.

DeLay's arm-twisting tactics may have earned him the nickname the Hammer, but he also has a good read on the House Republican Conference. If he is suggesting compromise, it is a good indication that the President's immigration-liberalization plan cannot pass as presently outlined, because it lacks GOP support.

Mr. Antle appears to be acquainted with the mouth of Mr. Gifthorse.

Roll these words around in your mind: "He would offer illegal aliens guest-worker status, but only if they go home first."

Delay's plan would provide a positive incentive for illegal aliens to voluntarily return to their homelands to apply for legal admission on a level playing field with their countrymen who didn't break our laws. If the President would give up on the Bush Amnesty, we could combine a program like that with the Bonner Plan to crackdown on the employers of illegals, as well as other measures, and we can leverage a whole lot of illegals with relatively little effort and no infringement on civil liberties.

Rather than complain, foes of the illegal alien lobby ought to be hiring marching bands.