The Tar Pit

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bush will reach out to Kennedy tonight

That's my irresponsible prediction, and I'm sticking with it... for a couple of hours, anyway.

President Bush will get all new-toney and wound-healy and begin the political rehabilitation Senator Ted (Splash) Kennedy tonight, despite Kennedy's savaging the past few weeks of Condileeza Rice, Alberto Gonzales, and Bush's military policy in Iraq.

Why would the President reach across the aisle to this ignominious blowhard? Why doesn't he just let him lumber into the irrelevance deserved by all Massachuessets Senators?

Because the President wants Ted Kennedy on his illegal alien Amnesty team.

Update (7:20 pst): Mmmmm... that's some good crow!

No Teddy moment tonight, I didn't even see him on the screen. I still think he'll be part of the Amnesty that the President is pretending he isn't proposing. More on the rest of the speech later, I just wanted to get this in while Harry Reid is babbling.