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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Battle of the Bulge in the Snake

The Powerline guys are guest-hosting the Hugh Hewitt Show today, and one of them (Hindrocket, I think) tried to draw an analogy between the Democrats' position in the coming fight over Social Security reform and the Maginot Line. The reasoning is that the Democrats are using an outmoded defense, etc. Well, okay... but as (I think) Big Trunk observed, the Maginot Line analogy makes President Bush a Nazi, which is a lethal objection.

The "government uber alles" Democrats are on the defensive while we Republicans are the liberating Allies. Just as the Allies earlier drove the Germans out of North Africa, we have thrown down the Democrat strongholds of post-Vietnam malaise, gun control and the death penalty. We finally had our D-Day in the 2004 elections when we decisively won the Presidency, House, and Senate with popular majorities. The Democrats are on their heels, looking to salvage and consolidate the remnant of their waning New Deal power. If Social Security is reformed, we march to Berlin.

Other battles will follow, but the hard-Left Democrats instinctively recognize that Social Security reform will pierce their lines and divide their forces. If anyone needed evidence, the tactless and vocal dissent of the Democrats when President Bush was discussing reform in last night's State of the Union address is more than ample.

The timing of the battle, 2005, comes on the eve of the first of the Baby Boomers' 60th birthdays in 2006. This enormous generation, greater in number than those before or since, has been watched throughout their lives by economists and actuaries, with an eye toward the societal effects of their retirement, now only a few years away. The Boomers are the trigger of the crisis in Social Security because they didn't produce enough children to maintain its solvency. The professionals even coined a nickname for the representation of this generation as it moved through the demographic charts, and that's where we'll find our analogy for the fight over Social Security reform:

The Battle of the Bulge in the Snake.