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Thursday, February 10, 2005

AZ Gov Napolitano sues for illegal alien funds
after opposing Proposition 200

Get out your irony meters.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, no staunch foe of illegal aliens, is a piker:

PHOENIX -- Gov. Janet Napolitano announced Tuesday that she has billed the federal government for nearly $118 million in unreimbursed costs for imprisoning illegal immigrants who committed crimes in Arizona.

If the federal government doesn't pay, it should take custody of some 3,600 immigrant criminals now in state prisons, Napolitano said in a letter sent last week to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Napolitano released the letter -- and copies of two invoices sent with it -- one day after President Bush proposed eliminating funding for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program. The program is supposed to reimburse state and local jurisdictions for costs involved in incarcerating immigrants convicted of a crime.

Justice Department spokesman Eric Holland had no immediate comment on Napolitano's demand...

Only $118 million?

Back in 1995, the State of Texas sued the federal government for $5 billion, seeking similar reimbursements for the costs to that Border State created by their illegal alien problem. At the time, Governor George W. Bush said:

"If the federal government cannot do its job of enforcing the borders, then it owes the states monies to pay for its failure."

Of course now President Bush is seeking to deny the illegal alien-related reimbursements to other states that he sought as Governor.

Hat tip: Lonewacko via Digger's Realm.

Toni at My View makes this point about Napolitano:

This is the same Governor who opposed AZ's Proposition 200 which requires state government workers to establish legal status prior to the state providing entitlements to applicants. This is the same Governor who appealed to the courts to stop this proposition from becoming law.

So Governor Napolitano is a hypocrite for requesting the illegal alien reimbursements after opposing Proposition 200, and President Bush is a hypocrite for denying the reimbursements now after seeking them when he was Governor. All clear?

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