The Tar Pit

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tsanford Tsudents Tsrip for Tsunami Aid

The Cal Patriot Blog drops the dime on the drawers-dropping Cardinal kids. Not that the Tsanford Daily is embarrassed:

When an earthquake sent tsunamis crashing across the Indian Ocean shoreline Dec. 26, killing tens of thousands, Burmon and fellow Larkinites Pam Geist and Joel Lewenstein, a Daily photographer, had the idea of emulating the lobstermen to raise money for the affected areas.

It took them two weeks to shoot and produce the 12-month calendar, each month featuring a different Larkin coed (or two) baring almost everything for the penetrating camera lens of Burmon and Lewenstein. The black-and-white calendar -- produced by the on-campus FedEx / Kinko's at cost because of its charitable aims -- starts selling next week for $10, half of which will go to Save the Children by way of the umbrella group Stanford Students for Relief.

Now you know what befalls the kids who aren't smart enough to make the Tsanford Band:

They get talked out of their clothes for a noble cause.

Tsupid, tsupid tsanford tsudents..

Tech-Funny-Weird and Channel 10 looked the alliterative gift-headline in the mouth and blew their chances to put their marks on the tsory by going the pedestrian "Stanford Students Strip For Tsunami" route.

Tsop the presses!