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Friday, January 07, 2005

Radio Blogger: "Where in the Blog is Hugh's book now?"

Over at Radio Blogger the Generalissimo is swamped with entries for the "Where in the Blog is Hugh's book now?" contest. The deal is to Photoshop the cover of Hugh Hewitt's new book, Blog into every imaginable situation. There are some awesome entries over there, 300 the last time I looked. Unfortunately, Duane has them all on one page which makes for a download of well over 100 megabytes. Here is the link , but be shore to have something else to do while waiting for the load. Very worthwhile.

My own Photoshopping skills are modest, but I had fun with my entry:

Image Hosted by
(Click for Hi Res Pic)

It's #267, so go vote for it!

Update: Well, the ten finalists are in and Galactus didn't make the cut, but the ten that did are all great. Go vote here.