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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Justice Dept. supports Proposition 200 against illegal alien voter lobby

The Justice Department has authorized provisions in Arizona's anti illegal alien Proposition 200 which require proof of citizenship for registration and voting. The provisions are intended to keep illegals from illegally voting in Arizona elections, so they are naturally supported by most citizens while opposed by pro-illegal alien groups and many of Arizona's politicians.

The Arizona Republic reports:

Democratic state legislators believe the voting provision will keep minorities from voting. In a letter sent Jan. 18 to federal officials, 29 Democratic state legislators expressed concerns that minorities may be less likely to have acceptable proof of citizenship or form of identification needed when and if the voting provision of the law goes into effect.

Arizona State House Rep. Steve Gallardo of Phoenix, one of the authors of that letter, said:

"We all want to protect the integrity of our elections . . . but the voter identification portion, the way it is drafted, will impact the ability of minorities to vote, and I don't think that is what our democratic system is all about."

Over at My View, Toni questions the inherent racism racism in assertions about claims that citizenship requirements will unfairly impact minorities:

Just how or why would this have a "chilling effect" on registration? Is it a language issue? What? How? Why? If language is the issue I thought anyone seeking citizenship had to have a rudimentary grasp of English, hence they should be able to understand registration procedures. If this isn't the concern then what?

This is the concern:

Kathy McKee, organizer of Proposition 200, said she already has inquiries from people every other state except Hawaii who want to push similar laws. She said federal approval is "going to be a huge impetus."