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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"The Guide for the Mexican Migrant" - Pro Illegal Alien Comic Book

Here's the cover for the notorious comic book issued by the Mexican government to prepare and encourage their citizens to become illegal aliens and violate American immigration law:

According to Reuters, the guide "informs migrants of their rights to medical and consular attention if they are detained by U.S. officials."

A nod to Jackelope Breeder for making this known.

Direct links to all the pages here:

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The Los Angeles Times reports:

Along the Mexican side of the border, agents of Grupos Beta, the humanitarian arm of Mexico's National Migration Institute, flag down dozens of vehicles each day crammed with migrants bound for drop-off points to illegal footpaths into the United States. The agents lecture the occupants to carry enough water to get through several days in the desert, to wear protective clothing against the sun, to look for help if they feel tired and cannot continue, and to be aware of their legal options if stopped by the Border Patrol.
Mexico's Border-Crossing Tips Anger Some in U.S.
L.A. Times | January 4, 2005 | Solomon Moore

Meanwhile, newly sworn-in six term Congressman J.D. Hayworth is less than amused:

"The booklet is essentially a 'how to' guide for illegal entry into the U.S. that provides recommendations for illegal aliens in evading detection of federal authorities once in the U.S. Not once does the guide mention how a Mexican migrant can come the U.S. legally!" Hayworth said in the letter.

Hayworth pointed out that the U.S. welcomes over 1 million legal permanent residents each year, 20 percent of those from Mexico, an amount three times greater than any other country. He also noted that the 1986 amnesty conferred green cards on 2.8 million illegal aliens, about 2.5 million of whom were Mexican, which represents about 12 years worth of Mexico's current annual immigration quota.
Hayworth Condemns Mexican Government Sponsorship of Illegal Immigration
January 04, 2005

No response yet from President Bush to Mexico's encouragement of illegal aliens, though, as the President has made clear, he thinks illegals are the ones who are worth their salt.