The Tar Pit

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

To the West

In America’s vast heart an ember’s kept
And sometimes we may slumber to its burning.
Yet times have come to wake for what has slept,
To remember myths and truths... and souls returning.

In Washington’s moist skies of mourning grey
Salutes have thundered to a good report--
As clouds have wept for him who’s passed away--
For good endures, though all our time is short.

All Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Princes
May hold their reigns awhile, but all will bend
To Providence, Who will seek evidences,
That each was just, and humble in the end.

Now in the air, a President rides West
To the edge of sunset, peace, and well earned rest.

Originally post onJune 10th, 2004, as the Presidential jet bearing President Reagan took off from Washington to bear him home.<