The Tar Pit

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A "Hugh Hewitt Hate Site?"

Hugh suggested to a caller on his fledgling radio show yesterday that I'd set up a Hugh Hewitt hate site at something called ""

Well, color me baffled.

Never mind that the blog address is "The Tar Pit dot blogspot dot com", never mind that I tried to give Hugh a boost in self confidence by linking his Hugh Hewitt site higher in the sidebar than the Radio Blogger site of Hugh's longsuffering boss and mentor, Generalissimo Duane -- I posted nothing hateful about Hugh, nor did I besmirch him in any way.

Looking back, at one point I did describe Hugh as a "Big Ten fan," not that there's anything wrong with that. There are Michigan alumni littered in my own family tree. As a native Californian I have many fond childhood memories of the electrified atmosphere on certain November Saturdays, when we gathered in front of a television with neighbors from Ohio State to watch the the Wolverines and Buckeyes collide in their storied annual rivalry to determine who would lose the Rose Bowl.