The Tar Pit

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Getting back on track...

Well, it's been a while since I took a crack at this blog. I grew frustrated with problems formatting its HTML template for all of the different available browsers, particularly for Internet Explorer on Windows systems. IE is not as compliant with various standards to which the other browsers adhere, and it decided to grow my pages about eight screens wide and hide my text out in the nether realms.

Rather inconvenient, don't you think?

With the recent release of the outstanding new Firefox 1.0 browser , which has passed 12,000,000 downloads since November 9th, I've decided to continue to format as I was because Firefox is the preferred browser of the folks at Blogspot.

The response of Bill Gates and Microsoft in anticipation of my decision has been swift:

New Microsoft Patch Blocks Firefox Downloads (2004-12-19) -- Microsoft Corp. today released a new security patch for its Internet Explorer (IE) web browser which prevents users from accidentally or intentionally downloading the new free, open-source Firefox browser from The Mozilla Foundation.

"Firefox is a dangerous and contagious browser that could seriously jeopardize marketshare," said an unnamed Microsoft spokesman. "Unless consumers take action to block Firefox, it could speed up web surfing and return control of user computers to the users themselves."

The source added that Internet Explorer is a superior product because it allows computer experts, called 'hackers', to control your computer.

Well, it's not like I'm a major shareholder.

In any case, the template and links are a work in progress, so now's the time to make progress.

The other thing that kicked me in the butt was a conversation I had with Hugh Hewitt on his radio show yesterday. I've promised Hugh an e-mail explaining an aspect of President Bush's controversial guest worker proposal to legalize several million illegal aliens, but realized as I was putting it together that it would be better suited for posting here, so I'll have it up shortly.